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Bettye Lynn Heskett-Stanbery was literally born into the carpet business. Her father was "The Carpet King" - an icon in the San Francisco Bay Area flashing across television screens, billboards and newspapers promoting his chain of the country's largest carpet stores. Her mother contributed endless hours so as an only child Bettye grew up in the stores - learned to walk and ride a bike on the cutting floor, and spoke trade knowledge and customer service as she learned to talk. The flooring business is innate to her - inherent in her essential character.

The family's success in the flooring business afforded Bettye the opportunity to learn additional lessons about life, competition and success in a ring full of horses. She was for a dozen years a formidable juvenile saddle seat champion on the west coast - twice California State Champion and in her senior year had an undefeated Juvenile Five Gaited Champion that was also an AHSA National Horse Of The Year winner. With a major in Advertising & Communications, Bettye moved to Kentucky and at a very young age became the editor and publisher of Horse World magazine. Bettye will tell you that she calls Shelby County home, "because of the horses and horse people".

Her experience is unique and unparalleled.  

Bettye soon returned to her birthright and in 1984 opened Floor Covering Specialists, an installation company that serviced Kentuckiana residents for twelve years. The next chapter found Bettye spearheading programs for carpet retailers from box stores to high-end design centers. Bettye has developed long term relationships with builders, contractors, designers, manufacturers and homeowners based on her good work, high standards and strong ethics. It was these supporters that encouraged Bettye to start her own business again in 2008.


Bettye says the only tough question she is asked about flooring is "how long have you been in the business?" Her experience is unique and unparalleled. Let's just say that Bettye has been recognized as a professional of the highest integrity by her peers the Louisville market for over thirty years. She wears the name Carpet Lady as an honor of lifetime achievement.

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